Commercial Roof Maintenance

Maintain Your Commercial Roof and Investment

The on your building is your first line of defense. It is often one of the most expensive components of your building. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure your roof is properly maintained and kept up.
At GSM, we have a division that is solely dedicated to preventing issues that your roof may have down the road. We upkeep every aspect of your roof and ensure it remains clear and free from elements and debris that may damage or harm it. With our Roofshield protection program you receive:

  • Look for any leaks
  • Inspect and repair field seams
  • Inspect and repair roof curb flashings
  • Inspect and repair corner details
  • Inspect and repair parapet wall flashings
  • Inspect and repair metal coping
  • Inspect and repair pipe penetrations
  • Inspect and repair expansion joints
  • Inspect and clean gutters, drains, scuppers and collector boxes
  • Inspect and repair roof perimeter flashings
  • Inspect and repair roof perimeter metal
  • Inspect and top off pitch pockets
  • Inspect roof-top wood sleeper areas
  • Inspect field wraps
  • Inspect and repair existing patches and repairs
  • Inspect for any roof surface HVAC condensation problems
  • Inspect for any surface distortion or insulation underlayment problems
  • Inspect for traffic abuse
  • Inspect the overall condition and operation of the roof access
  • Remove any debris from the roof area